Raise Your Mackeson

You are a man who lives for the challenge. Whatever the world throws at you - you are ready for it. You are always ahead of the game. That’s why they love you. They sense your strength and confidence. But you know that’s just who you are. Some might say you’re smooth, you call it focused. You are always easy to spot because when you walk up to the bar you order a Mackeson.

Why Mackeson?


Mackeson is a full-bodied milk stout that is “not too sweet and not too bitter,” with alc/vol: 4.9%.


It has strong and distinctive values that appeals to all of us communicating energy, stamina, masculinity, and real smoothness.


It is primarily directed at young adult males who are authentic, confident, and individuals in their own right.


Its distinctive red, black and silver branding on all packaging signals the essence of the brand.

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